Revealed: Discover Zino Secret Meal plan and Exercise Routine (Lost 5kg within the First month of following strictly)

Here’s all you need to know:

It isn’t magic but works like magic.

Whether you suffer from low self esteem, Fatigue due to high cholesterol (You walk short distance and you’re exhausted) or at worst body shaming from your colleagues and you think this is the right time to shred off some weights, Well it is!


It always start with self awareness, When you discover it’s high time you take control of everything from Finance, Spiritual life, Health, Family and everything around you or maybe
you just stumble upon your favourite model on IG and say to yourself this is finally what I’ve been looking for.

Shocking discovery from our session with clients,

We’ve had several clients, Some of which wanted to take control of their health because of complications like;


-High cholesterol (Lead to fatigue)
-High Blood pressure
-Low blood pressure, You name it And they all come with the same recommendations THE DOCTOR SAID I SHOULD START GOING TO THE GYM OR CONTROL WHAT I EAT.

Our Weightloss experience and story with ZINO;

When we First met Zino, She told us exactly what she has tried and what she wanted, and of course how many nutrition groups she has on her phone constantly buzzing with messages from strangers couple with the hundreds of thousands she has spent buying meal plans and booking sessions with nutritionist just to fix up meal plan that works best for her(Most of which made her skip her favourite Nigeria local dishes).


Even down to the point of intermittent Fasting but still couldn’t do the one thing she wanted (Loose weight), That sounds Familiar?


Zino story is a typical example of someone who knew she could always be Better and of course took bold steps, Maybe that’s the same as you and that’s why you’re still here hoping the solution falls right on your lap.

I’m not gonna say after so many trials and errors because it’ll sound like a cooked up Story, but what I’d tell you is she did try a couple of things before meeting a consultant for Beyond Lifting Olu.


Determination made her come across us in the early stage of her journey, which of course is why you’re here now no matter what stage you’re in , in your journey.


Of course she didn’t have to spend HUNDREDs OF THOUSANDS in Nigeria Currency’s doing trial and error method to see what works and what doesn’t.

The solution;

We set up a team of Nutritionist if not 5Star Rating then it’ll be V (In Roman Numerals), my point is the best of the bests to put together some Nigeria local dishes and to carefully review the potential that it’ll will achieve two thing which of course it does:

1. Weightloss while retaining good amount of energy.

2. Makes you still eat your favourite meal but in portions.
3. Save you time and Money, because the meals are easy prepare and affordable. (Oh I said two things 😃).


Before you take bold steps into complete transformation in your journey to being the version of you everyone admires the Most here’s before and after pictures of Zino transformation and what others who used it has to say;



Testimonies from those who got our Meal Plans;

Mummy Yoma
Mummy Yoma
Mummy Yoma
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“After trying so many Weightloss groups and meal plan just to stay in shape and live a healthy Lifestyle, Nothing worked only to spend Hundreds of thousands without results. Within the first 6weeks of working with Nutrition expert from Beyond Lifting, I got a designed meal plan, one that helps me eat healthy and my favourite meal. Well well using this same meal plan I lost 5kg within 6weeks of being consistent“
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"This meal plan helped me save more money even while achieving my goals, It's true some meal prep cost your hundreds of thousands weekly and you won't see results, but with this 30days meal plan I ate quality foods, Saved more money and the quality of my living improved."

Here is a Snippet of What you will be getting;

Maybe you are asking 'Who can use this Meal Plan?', See below;

We kept no secrets and here’s everything that has worked for Zino, we can’t wait to hear your own reviews after you Take Action Now. Get a copy of your own meal plan designed specifically to meet your Weightloss Demand.

Free Plan

  • 3 Days Meal Plan Prep
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Pro Plan

  • 30 Days Meal Plan Prep
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Options for Meal Edit
  • General Group Access To Nutritionist

Ultimate Plan

  • 30 Days Meal Plan Prep
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 60 Days Support After meal Plan Purchase
  • Direct Access To Nutritionist /Accountability Partner
  • Options for Meal Edit

*Disclaimer: We didn’t do a guess work to build this meal plan, it has worked for Hundreds of persons. You’re next.


We recommend physical activities while using this meal plan, Like  Walking, Running , Cycling, skipping, etc.

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